Smart Manual Penetration Test

Cyberattacks are happening as you read this.

As a founder or CTO, you protect your users and business.

But those daily suspicious requests in your logs? That’s cybercriminals. Intelligent and cruel.

We’re addressing that risk - so you can focus on what you do best.

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Tod Beardsley

Director of Research, Rapid7

Max helpfully identified an internal configuration infoleak issue with one of Rapid7's web assets, which we were able to quickly confirm and remediate thanks to his report.

What’s in it for you?


Well, not exactly “nothing”.

No attacks

No vulnerabilities

No compromising of sensitive data

No business blackouts

No reputational damage

No compliance-related fines

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From Austria to Australia

From startups to enterprises

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Brennon Thomas

Cyber Security Engineer, Rackspace Technology

Websafety Ninja responsibly disclosed a vulnerability to our security team through the Rackspace Security Vulnerability Reporting mechanism. Write up was clear and concise and he was professional throughout the information exchange.

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Gene Goykhman

President, Indigo Technologies

Websafety Ninja's report was accurate and comprehensive, and she led us in exactly the right direction to resolve the identified issues. I appreciate working with a courteous, responsive professionals like them.

Cybersecurity Myths

"It’s not urgent, we can postpone it."

When the client says “we postpone it”, hackers hear “we are going to deploy a vulnerable app”.

"We don’t have the budget for that."

It doesn't cost a fortune to remove cybersecurity risk from your balance sheet.

But it does if cybercriminals find the breach in your armor.

"It won’t happen to us."

You built smth worth millions billions. The stakes are high. Are you willing to take this risk?

Frequently Asked Questions

No. But we can outsmart and outdrive.

It is not 1 per year. Not once per 6 months.
It’s once per major release

It's report. You receive the first report when test is done. After your team fixes all the issues, we re-check and deliver the second "all green" report. Re-check is included, so no extra cost.

It's from 1 to 6 weeks. We can add more hands on the project if you need it faster.

Yes. The second, green report ticks compliance checkboxes.

Be proactive

Don’t wait until your first cybersecurity breach to tighten up your defense.

Let us help you avoid overpaying the risk.